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Exquisite confiture in delicious flavours.


Bateel honey acacia is light amber coloured honey gathered from aromatic flowering acacias.

  • Honey Acacia

    Honey Acacia (250g)

    A light and sweet amber-colored honey

  • Creamy Dhibs

    Creamy Dhibs (250g)

    Creamed honey combined with the exotic sweetness of date dhibs

  • Date Dhibs

    Date Dhibs (250g)

    Dark and natural thick syrup made from the finest Bateel dates

Classic condiments and spreads made with natural ingredients and Bateel dates.


Finely balanced coffee created from nine of the finest Arabica varieties, slow roasted to perfection.


Like champagne, Bateel’s non-alcoholic sparkling date drink and pomegranate juice, are best served chilled, poured into stemmed glassware.

The light carbonation tickles the tongue with a finish that hints at the rounded sweetness of fresh fruit. These all-natural beverages are a popular choice for celebrations or as mixers for creative cocktails.


Premium quality date-inspired balsamic vinegar


Premium quality extra virgin olive oil in lemon, red pepper and basil flavours.