Classic Biscuits

Sink into Bateel’s selection of classic cookies, biscuits, macaroons and fine cakes; all made using the finest ingredients and timeless recipes.

Bateel uses baking techniques that is able to preserve the distinct flavour and sweetness of dates with quality-sourced nuts, spices and chocolate. They are made from fresh natural ingredients that do not contain preservatives or artificial dough conditioners. Soft, rich and finely textured, they offer a new flavour and aroma with each bite. Every bite signifies Bateel’s appreciation in producing superior quality products that will leave customers wanting for more.

Date Biscuits

Bateel has created unique pastry recipes by combining the distinct flavour and sweetness of dates complemented by nuts, spices and chocolate.

  • Date & Cinamon Biscuit

    Date & Cinamon Biscuit

    Butter biscuit with date paste and cinnamon

  • Date Roll Biscuit

    Date Roll Biscuit

    Butter biscuit with date paste and almond crunch

  • Green Pistachio Biscuit

    Green Pistachio Biscuit

    Butter biscuit with green pistachio cream, dhibs and pistachio chunks

  • Pine Seed Biscuit

    Pine Seed Biscuit

    Butter biscuit with orange blossom almond cream, date jam topped with pine seeds

  • Date Mahmoul Biscuit

    Date Mahmoul Biscuit

    Butter biscuit filled with date paste

  • Rectangle Biscuit

    Rectangle Biscuit

    Vanilla biscuit with date paste and chocolate decoration