Premium Timeless Dates

Bateel dates are grown using unique organic based approach that produces harvest of exceptional quality unmatched by any other source.

Using a meticulous approach, Bateel now markets more than 20 varieties of dates which include the Khidri, with its sweet, chewy, raisin-like flesh, and other favourites such as Kholas, Sekki, Agwa, Madjool and Mactoumi. Other unique dates one should not miss out on are the roasted or caramelized nut filling dates and fusion dates filled with ginger, lemon or orange peel. And not forgetting the Rhutab, semi-riped dates that is served frozen such as the Barhi and Sokari; able to satisfy any date lover.


Softer and more moist than fully-ripened tamr dates, Bateel rhutab dates simply melt in your mouth. Exclusively at Bateel you can enjoy extraordinary date varieties, such as Barhi and Sokari, in frozen rhutab form all year round.

  • Agwa


    Known to Muslims as Holy Date, the Agwa has soft, dark brown to black skin, with mildly sweet flesh and a raisin-like texture.

  • Khidri


    The most renowned Bateel date, the Khidri has dark maroon skin and sweet, chewy flesh.

  • Segai / Sekki

    Sagai / Sekki

    Sekki dates are interesting in both appereance and flavour – yellow, firm and very sweet at the top and dark, soft and mildly sweet at the base.

  • Kholas


    Often taken with Arabic coffee, Kholas dates are golden brown with loose and smooth skin over delicate, coffee-flavoured flesh.

  • Madjool


    Also called California style dates, Madjool dates are large and moderately sweet, with thin, brown skin and chewy, succulent, amber-coloured flesh.

  • Barhi


    Round and golden brown, Barhi dates have a smooth surface and very sweet, caramel-flavoured flesh.

Rhutab refers to the moist, semi-ripe stage of the date.

Rhutab Wanan PL 1000g

Individually wrapped premium dates.

Wrapped Khidri Almond
Wrapped Date Lemon Peel
Wrapped Sekki PL
Wrapped Khidri PL