Signature Rich Chocolate

In the world of chocolate products, Bateel firmly established itself by introducing its famous date chocolate recipes.

Today, Bateel produces truffles, pralines and ganaches that is rich in taste and has an authentic aroma. Only the finest single source and blended chocolates are used to create traditional and contemporary chocolate recipes. Bateel also offer sugar-fre chocolates for diet watchers using the sweetener Maltitol without giving up the natural chocolate taste.

OriginDateSugar FreeBlendWrapped

Origin chocolates are made with one single and rare cocoa bean variety grown and harvested in a specific region.

Bateel praline fillings are made from 66% Alto El Sol, 70% Passy and 37% Papouasie. All Bateel origin chocolates are coated with 70% origin Passy if dark, and 37% Papouasie if milk.


A smooth filling made of a blend of roasted nut and caramelised sugar.

  • Milk Almond

    Milk Almond

    Almond praline made with 37% milk Papouasie cocoa

  • Dark Almond

    Dark Almond

    Almond praline made with 70% Passy cocoa


A smooth filling made of a blend of dark or milk chocolate and fresh boiled cream, in various flavours.


A paste of a blend of sugar and raw almond.

  • Milk Pistachio Nougat

    Milk Pistachio Nougat

    Pistachio marzipan made with 70% cocoa, nougat praline, 37% covered with Passy cocoa

  • Milk Rosewater

    Milk Rosewater

    Rosewater marzipan made with 50% cocoa, crisp wafer, covered with 37% Papouasie cocoa

  • Milk Mendiant

    Milk Mendiant

    Traditional French confection with caramelised macadamia, pistahio & candied orange peel. Made with 37% Papouasie cocoa

  • White Roche Gavotte

    White Roche Gavotte

    Traditional Grench crisp wafer, white chocolate

This is a chocolate lover’s true delight. This is the result of applying the European art of chocolate making to the finest Bateel dates.

Each truffle is hand made using premium fresh dates, an assortment of fillings and is coated with superb quality gourmet chocolate.

  • Date Nut Gold

    Date Nut Gold

    Dark Chocolate coated date with cashew nougatine

  • Date Nut Copper

    Date Nut Copper

    Dark chocolate coated date with macadamia nuts

  • Date Orange Strip Dark

    Date Orange Strip Dark

    Dark Origin Chocolate coated Barhi date with candied orange peel

  • Date Lemon Strip Milk

    Date Lemon Strip Milk

    Milk Origin Chocolate coated Barhi date with candied lemon peel

  • Date Rocher Dark

    Date Rocher Dark

    Date ganache enrobed with dark chocolate and almond brisures

  • Date Rocher White

    Date Rocher White

    Date ganache enrobed with white chocolate and almond brisures

  • Snow Date

    Snow Date

    White chocolate coated date with caramelized pistachio nuts and rolled in icing sugar

  • Date Cocoa Dark Truffle

    Date Cocoa Dark Truffle

    Chocolate coated date with cashew nougatine and topped with cocoa powder

Offering tempting flavours like coconut, mocha and strawberry yoghurt, Bateel sugar free chocolates are a delightful alternative for chocolate lovers who are conscious about their sugar intake.

Bateel sugar free chocolates are made with the sweetener Maltitol. They have no sugar content and are safe for people with diabetes.


Bateel blended chocolates are produced from the combination of different cocoa beans, each blend resulting in a unique bouquet and flavour.

Bateel blended pralines, ganaches and other chocolates come wrapped and unwrapped, and are available in various natural flavours and attractive shapes.


Pralines, ganaches and other chocolates wrapped in various colours.

  • Bateel Velizi

    Bateel Velizi

    Roasted almonds in milk chocolate

  • Bateel Duroc

    Bateel Duroc

    Gianduja hazelnut noutigatine in milk chocholate

  • Bateel Coupe

    Bateel Coupe

    Almond nougatine in milk chocolate

  • Bateel Pistachio

    Bateel Pistachio

    Crunchy pistachio in milk chocholate

  • Bateel Neon

    Bateel Neon

    Mocha cream in dark chocolate

  • Bateel Mimosa

    Bateel Mimosa

    Soft hazelnut praline and almond flakes