Journey of Bateel

The Bateel story starts in Al Ghat, a town in Central Arabia, favoured by nature with sweet water, rich soil and a climate ideal for date production. Here is where Bateel’s premium dates were first nurtured and evolved over the years. Through its novelty approach, Bateel gave the gourmet date experience a whole new persona with its integrated products and network of luxurious boutiques and cafes worldwide.

Exquisitely, the Bateel name guarantees quality and satisfaction in every aspect of its products that has helped established a reputable status in fifteen countries worldwide. Today, using its unrivalled production and distribution assets, Bateel offers a comprehensive range of sweet and savoury foods as well as premium shopping and dining experiences that will satisfy your senses.

Malaysia is the first country to have a Bateel retail store outside of the middle east. It is also the first in Asia, in which it was launched in the year 2002. It started out with a simple concept, offering a unique range of high quality products and later, introduced to a well defined in an upscale and elegant market.

Bateel’s concept is unique and distinctive with the range of products that are not available anywhere. Throughout the years in Malaysia, Bateel’s presence is undoubtedly getting stronger. As a luxury purveyor, Bateel has surely made its mark in the gourmet industry and becoming the number one choice for corporate gifts, festive giveaways, wedding gifts, catering to individuals, major corporate organizations, hotels, restaurants and high end gourmet centre.